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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Women’s lax exceeding expectations

With two games left in their inaugural season, the Whitman Women’s Lacrosse Team is still searching for an elusive second win. After registering first in their opening match of the year, the program still faces the steep learning curve of transitioning from club to varsity status. At times, however, they have revealed the potential to compete with the best teams in the conference, including a 13-15 loss to undefeated Pacific and a near-rally this past weekend against UPS in an eventual 10-14 defeat. They now sit at 1-5 in the NWC.

Despite initial concern from returning players over the transition to varsity, Whitman aptly selected someone that would be conscious of those opinions. Having played at the DIII level at Catholic University in D.C., newly appointed Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Kate Robinson understands what it means to be a student-athlete with an emphasis on student. She believes that her own undergraduate experience is helping her develop a successful and fun culture, but not one that is overwhelming or detracts from the overall life of her players. It is a philosophy conducive to Whitman as a whole and also one that can be tough to balance when varsity status is attained. The general consensus is that the transition has been a smooth one, and everything bodes well for the future of women’s lacrosse here at Whitman.

“Academics, going abroad –– these are all important aspects of a collegiate lifestyle,” said Robinson.

The transition also marks an influx of lacrosse culture into the Pacific Northwest. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport at the high school and collegiate level, and Kate Robinson is excited to develop this program from the ground up and be a part of the shift in culture. Robinson spoke about the prospects for the young team.

“This year we’re doing really well. I think people in the conference are seeing that. I’m so happy because I lucked out with the talent that I got. I think we’ll be a top team in the NWC soon,” said Robinson.

As for the group of women that Robinson is speaking of, not all of them have even had prior lacrosse experience. One such player, senior Jade Anderson, explains how amazing her introduction to the sport has been.

“The team atmosphere is really incredible in a lot of ways. The more experienced players are really supportive, really encouraging,” said Anderson.

While it is rare to have such a large range of experience on a varsity team, everyone is excited to learn from each other. Furthermore, having more experienced people to model play technique has allowed the less-experienced to adapt to the sport quicker. Leading goalscorer and junior Captain Bea Sheffer commented on the positive attitude that greenhorns have brought to the team.

“Most of the time the new players bring the most energy and innovation to practice and games,” she said.

The team’s goals for the rest of the season are to grow and learn from every single game, which Robinson believes they are doing. They would like to continue to have fun and work hard.

“It’s so simple, but positivity and work ethic can make such a difference on the field and is probably why we are doing so well this season. We have a great group of players and a fantastic coach. I am excited to finish this season and for next year,” said Sheffer.

This team seems to have already exceeded expectations and surprised opponents in their ability to compete so quickly. With a few years of solid recruiting, something Whitman has been traditionally strong with, as well as a larger Northwest pool to draw from, women’s lacrosse here at Whitman is poised to take off.+

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