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Increase taxes for healthcare reform

The nation’s healthcare system simply does not work. Nearly 46 million Americans have no insurance, while medical costs have continued to increase by 58 percent since 2000 while wages have only increased 3 percent (aarp.org). This is a nationwide issue, affecting even those with current health coverage.

Over spring break, when I went to the doctor’s office, the person ahead in line of me was refused service because he did not have proof of insurance. The old sick man walked out of the office after a fit.

Healthcare is out of control, the only way to solve the problem is through nationalization and increased government spending.

Many now want a blanket government healthcare system like that of Europe.

The reason why Europe has such an effective healthcare system is through a government monopoly funded through taxpayers’ dollars.

With the current bailout plan and growing debt, the federal government needs to dramatically increase revenue, by raising taxes.

Americans pay about 10 percent less of their incomes for taxes when compared to Western European countries (oced.org).

The tax increase might not appeal to the masses who support just a government program to work alongside private insurance companies to insure all Americans.

The current private health insurance through purchasing or employers covers some individuals, but there are many left uncovered as mentioned above.   As long as there are people who get sick without healthcare, the costs will continue to rise.

The hospitals need to defer the costs to treat uncovered patients, since hospitals lose money treating uninsured. In order to make up for the loss, hospitals turn to the insurance companies and those with coverage. This creates a never ending cycle of increasing health care costs as more people become uninsured and visit the hospitals (State Rep. Sarah Gelser D-Ore.)

Those with health coverage question a raise in taxes for a government program. However, with so many different firms – employers all provide their own coverage the healthcare system has become expensive and inefficient. Bureaucracy is the reason for this inefficiency.

Under an overarching government program, the healthcare system covers everyone and becomes more streamlined.   Currently, hospitals and doctors’ offices must cooperate with many different health insurance requiring different protocols, payments for the same procedures-an inefficient system.

With government controlled healthcare there will be one set of protocols in hospitals to follow when treating patients and one set fees to pay.

In order for America to adopt a healthcare system that is effective and provides universal coverage, the government first needs to raise taxes on all income brackets.

Obama wants to tax the wealthy only, but who is to say that they should be the ones to carry the burden of a defunct Medicare system. Healthcare is everyone’s problem and therefore need not burden a certain income bracket.

With reformed healthcare, everyone needs to be taxed and eligible for government medical care. Higher taxes means greater income in the government and greater efficiency in the government Medicare plans.

Instead of telling the public what they want to hear, higher taxes on the wealthy, the government needs to increase taxes for all.  Only then can America’s healthcare system be reformed.

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  • H

    hsr0601Apr 4, 2009 at 2:40 am

    It would be better to scale back war spending for funding. Aside from cost issue, healthy living will stem from sound mind, I suppose.

  • N

    notmdApr 3, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    The government will raise taxes to keep the medicare program going..but there is another animal that lives on health care dollars..the insurers..good luck cutting them out of the food chain..