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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Presidential campaigns fail to address important issues

Obama and McCain’s stances on health care and tax cuts should be pretty familiar to people following the debates.   Even if the candidates have not been clear, the topics have been brought up enough times that Americans are familiar with their arguments.

But there is a huge lack of debate and conversation over issues that are traditionally emotionally-charged topics.   Who can really say what McCain’s stance on abortion is?   What does Obama think about gay rights?

These issues have the potential to lead to some pretty charged debates.   Because the issues are so stigmatized, it’s probably good that the candidates have not completely focused their campaigns on these issues.

But we should not ignore these issues forever.   With the presidency at stake, the importance of knowing our candidates cannot be stressed enough.

Abortion:   John McCain is strictly pro-life.   He said, “I will be a pro-life president, and this presidency will have pro-life policies.”   He believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and that there should be a ban on abortion, except in cases where the mother’s health is in danger.   He is against partial-birth pregnancies and against public funding for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s health is in danger.

Barack Obama is pro-choice.   He believes that a woman’s right to choose is a fundamental right that should not be made by either the state or the federal government.   If elected, he will make protecting Roe v. Wade a priority and will oppose any constitutional amendments that will limit a woman’s right to choose.   However, Obama believes that teens need more access to sex education and contraceptives.

Gay rights
: Obama opposes a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.   He believes it is the state’s right to make decisions about same-sex marriage rights.   He supports civil unions.

McCain also opposes a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.   He believes states should decide about same-sex marriages, but thinks people should be allowed to enter into legal agreements to obtain the financial benefits of marriage.

Immigration: McCain supports immigration reform only after securing the borders.   He supports deporting undocumented immigrants, but would support allowing guest workers after the border is secure.

Obama opposes departing 2 million undocumented immigrants.   He thinks there should be increased border security, and supports a pathway to citizenship.   He would extend welfare and Medicaid to immigrants and would encourage students to learn second languages.

Gun Control
: McCain is for appealing existing federal restrictions on purchasing guns, but he wants to have more serious penalties for “abusing the 2nd Amendment.”   He opposes holding gun manufactures liable for criminals’ gun use.

Obama supports the 2nd Amendment, but supports local “common sense restrictions” on gun control.   He supported Illinois legislation that would ban semi-automatic guns, as well as legislation that would prohibit buying more than one handgun a month.

Death Penalty: Obama supports the death penalty, but has worked as a senator to limit executing people not responsible for the crimes they are being punished for.   He pushed a bill that would require states to film interrogations and confessions in Illinois.
McCain supports capital punishment, but has pushed the prohibition of executing minors and supports restricting the use of racial statistics when trying to appeal a death sentence.

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