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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Taking a Closer Look at the Candidates

It’s easy to remember why Barack Obama was such a hero for American Democrats, and even many Republicans, when he first announced his decision to run for president.   He is young, fresh, exciting and appears honest and trustworthy. Americans want change and a government we can believe in.   Obama, with his rock-star smile and inspirational words, has been a no-brainer from the beginning.   He is everything that Bush isn’t and Americans have been associating him with hope and a morally driven government since the beginning.

At first it seemed guaranteed that the Democrats were going to win the presidency.   After all, Obama promised change!   How could anyone beat that?

And then McCain played his trump card.   Single-handedly changing the tone of the race, he announced his running mate: Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.   Where Obama is young and fresh, Palin is newer and fresher!   Obama is black, but who cares?   Palin is female (and Alaskan, at that)!   Obama is a people-person, but Palin is a lipstick-wearing soccer mom.   Obama’s family, race and name all hint that he can bring peace and maybe some kind of international cooperation.     But Palin is a mother to whom many Americans feel they can relate, suggesting intra-national cooperation and unity.

What a conundrum!   Americans are suddenly thrust in the middle of the battle for who is the real Fresh President (putting aside that Palin isn’t even running for president).   This is excellent!   This battle can only have one outcome.   Americans will have to look beyond the faces, beyond the lipstick and the rhetoric, beyond the hope-inspiring speeches and examine their actual policies and goals for the country.

While judging a presidential candidate by his or policies may seem obvious at first, it is actually really intimidating to judge and analyze suggested policies.   Not only do we have to understand the jargon and have to think for ourselves, but we have to trust that the future president is not lying, trying to screw us over, misrepresenting the facts and otherwise being completely honest.

Ignoring policies is an understandable mistake in light of America’s severe lack of trust in our government.   Understandable, but inexcusable.   We are picking a president here, not America’s next hot top model!

McCain’s choice of running mate is politically brilliant.   He gave all the Americans who wanted to vote for Hillary because of her gender someone else to vote for.   Democrats now have to find another reason to support Obama.

Taking a closer look at our politicians can only be better for our future as a nation.   Being young and new to politics just won’t be enough to win the race anymore.

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