Breaking: At least ten Whitman students report unknowingly ingesting dissociative, “rape drugs” in the last two weekends

Mitchell Smith and Marra Clay, Editor in Chief and Publisher

According to anonymous reports, at least ten women who attended separate parties over the last two weekends showed signs consistent with unknowingly ingesting dissociative drugs commonly known as date rape drugs. Reports vary, and many were not tested for these types of drugs even when they visited the emergency room.

One student told The Whitman Wire that on the night of Saturday, November 5 she experienced “loss of control, extreme fatigue to the point of having trouble staying awake, nausea, vomiting, and memory loss.” Rohypnol (commonly known as roofies), GHB, and Ketamine are most commonly understood as date rape drugs and while their effects differ, all cause victims to become weak, disoriented, and in some cases can be lethal. Symptoms differ between the reports of the last two weekends, but all were consistent with the effects of these drugs.

As of Sunday, November 6, no notice had been sent by the Whitman administration to the students. If you suspect that you or anyone around you has been drugged, go to the emergency room or urgent care immediately and report the incident to Whitman Security and the Associate Dean of Students, Juli Dunn. Anonymous reporting is available here

Update: Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland sent a “Timely Warning” notice to students just after 8 a.m. Monday morning. The email indicated the reports of druggings and stated that the school is working closely with the Walla Walla Police Department. The email reads, “The WWPD would like to interview any students who believe they may have been drugged at any time in the past few weeks. If you are one such student, please contact the Dean of Students Office immediately for additional information as well as access to other resources and support available to you (509.527.5158, [email protected]).”

The Whitman Wire will provide more updates as they become available.