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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Pio Past: Spring Spirit

For almost 120 years, The Pioneer has reported on news from the Whitman campus and surrounding community. Pio Past pulls old articles from past decades from the Penrose Library archives to give modern readers a glimpse of campus history.

Pirouette and arabesque are mastered by campus nymphs: Maidens while away time in practice for Campus Day

Originally published March 3, 1922

In view of the fact that Campus Day––that day when strong men labor and gentle co-eds cavort upon the green sward in careless garb and excess of ecstasy, will be here ultimately––one of the best classes in aesthetic dancing that ever tested elastic arches on a bird’s eye maple is, by dint of frequent practice, gradually rounding into form. Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, the idle curious gather at their out posts in the gym and give their eyes a sumptuous repast, watching the breathless and slightly bedraggled serfs of terpischore master the intricate steps and movements of the pirouette and arabesque concert dances which will entertain the crowd expected at the annual May Queen festival held in conjunction with the Campus Day activities.

The pulchritudinous maidens, though at first rather awkward and grotesque in their movements, have during the last several weeks, shown marked progress toward the transformation which always follows such conscientious practice. Undoubtedlybefore the time comes for them to perform, many a talented danseuse will envy the grace of these lithe, Amazonian nymphs. We anxiously await your debut, fair ones.

Planning starts for Faire
by Barbara Hzelrigg
Originally published March 9, 1972

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The 1972 Whitman College Renaissance Faire is now in its first stages of organization chairwomaned by Jan Munro. This year’s Faire is scheduled for the last weekend in April. The hopes for its success are high.

For those of you not fortunate enough to have been here last year, a Renaissance Faire is booths, games, musicians and bright costumes intermingled with sunshine and smiles to create an Elizabethean atmosphere. Students and artists sold silk screen painting, bread, leather works, candles, pottery, flowers and other wonderful things. Several were creamed in a pie-eating contest, and the sounds of recorders floated through the air throughout the afternoon.

Volunteers and enthusiasm are needed to make costumes and pan entertainments such as tournaments and activities. Bart Levitt suggested a chess game with real players. Other proposals are archery contests, tug-of-war, and a greased pig race. Paul Hemp suggested importing the gazebo from Pioneer Park for added atmosphere. Jan [Munro] would like to have a lamb roasting and Maypole celebration.

Any and all local craftsmen and student artists are encouraged to set up booths and sell their wares, from pottery to photography. Anybody want to give a puppet show?

Be sure to bring all of your fantastic ideas of inspired flights of imagination to Jan Munro or Dr. Bracher. In sooth, thou shalt be rewarded in pleasure.

Caption: What is a Renaissance Fair? Many things, among them, a potter using a wheel outdoors to shape a jar while everyone watches. This is one scene from last year’s Faire chosen at random from a kaleidoscope of people –– weavers, artists, wizards, musicians, flower sellers, and bakers, to name just a few.

Photo by Masi

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