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Career center tackles tough job market

It’s the time of year where students begin to look for summer jobs or internships, and seniors begin to figure out what they will do after graduation, but the major issue on everyone’s mind is the tough economy and the sparse job market.

However, the Career Center is adapting to the economic turbulence by developing new workshops and bringing guest speakers.

“We are trying to keep aware and be proactive,” said Susan Buchanan, Career Center director. “We developed a new workshop called ‘Job seeking in a tough economy’ on Feb. 18 at 4 p.m. in Reid GO2.”

In addition to the new workshop, the spring career and internship fair will be held as usual, along with financial workshops developed in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office.

“They’re bringing people in from off campus to talk about personal finance, especially about how to save money and get ahead,” said Buchanan.

One of those will be on March 5. Dr. Phil Gardner, a ’69 alum who researches and lectures on recruiting trends of hundreds of different employers nationwide, will be here at 7 p.m. in Ballroom B.

Called “Making a Successful Transition,” the workshop is intended to use Gardner’s expertise to prepare students beyond what the career center advises.

With most seniors making plans for their futures, whether in grad school or the workforce, seniors have been making more appointments.

“I try to help them understand that it’s a very tough economy and it’s really going to have an impact on their opportunities,” said Buchanan.

“The most important things to remember are networking, plan ahead, focus and be flexible,” said Buchanan.

The economy affects everyone, from seniors to first-years, and being proactive, and networking remain the best advice.

“Alumni are really eager to help in any way they can. I can’t stress enough about being proactive,” said Buchanan. “There are still opportunities and still some jobs but you have to really take charge and go after them.”

“Well I’m just glad I still have a few years before I enter the workforce,” said sophomore Anna Sky. “I think the real way you get a job is through connections. So hopefully those will come through for me.”

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