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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Community Service House puts on contra dance fund-raiser

Over 50 students and community members danced to the beat of a folk band last Thursday night, scrambling to dose doe and allemande as part of the Community Service House’s contra dancing fund-raiser.   Three band members, including senior Ranger Sciacca on the fiddle, and a caller led the night as students tried their best to follow.

Contra dancing refers to a number of folk dance styles done either in a long line or in a square, called hands of four.   A caller, in this case Dan Clark or the “King of Walla Walla,” yelled out moves while students and community members followed. By the end of the night dancers were likely to have danced with the whole room, even though most moves are done with partners.

“My parents met contra dancing. You can come with a partner or not and you meet new people all night. I’m so excited that the Co-op put this on. It’s incredible,” said first-year Mckenna Milici.
Students found it helpful to have experienced community members present, guiding them in the moves and also fostering a good atmosphere.

“I don’t want to dance around the issue,” said sophomore Galen Phillips. “Not only is this a community building activity, but it’s one which brings joy to all.”

The event was met with approval by students and community members alike.

“I heard a lot of people comment on how happy they were to have the event put on and how they would enjoy seeing it every semester,” said sophomore and Co-op RA Stephanie Silver.

“Good space, good music and good company,” said community member Marti Buck.

“Dancing makes you happy,” said community member Mike Dedman.

John’s Wheatland Bakery owner John Herd has been dancing for 15 years and heard about the event from a customer.
“I heard it was a fund-raiser, so I thought I’d come over,” Herd said.

Approximately 20 pounds of food was collected at the event. The proceeds will go to local families as part of an ongoing program put on by the Co-op.

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