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Circuit Issue 7

Circuit 7 coverLetter From the Editor
by Rachel Alexander

The Inimitable, Irreplaceable Professor Hashimoto
by Quin Nelson

Creative Voices of Whitman
by Sarah Cornett

We’re Greater Than Our Productivity
by Zoe Ingerson, Photo by Skye Vander Laan

Whitman Key Space for Challenging Viewpoints
by Marcial Diaz, Photo by Skye Vander Laan

Hard Times Teach Us The Most
by Heather Domonoske, Photo by Skye Vander Laan

Senior Profiles: Post-Graduate Plans
by Maegan Nelson, Photos by Devika Doowa

Senior Profiles: Fellowships and Grants
by Serena Runyan and Hannah Bartman, Photos by Devika Doowa


Senior Thesis Profiles
by Daniel Kim, Photos by Devika Doowa

Senior Athlete Profiles
by Cole Anderson, Photos by Devika Doowa

Artsy Senior Profiles
by Emma Dahl, Photos by Devika Doowa

Eric Idle: the Pio Interview
by Kyle Seasly, Photos by Halley McCormick

Whitman Alumni Find Environmentalist Views Evolving
by Sam Chapman

Guide to Summer in Walla Walla
by Rachel Alexander

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 7