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Circuit Issue 2

Circuit 1 cover
Letter from the Editor
by Patricia Vanderbilt

Floral Whitman
by Ethan Parrish

End of an Era
by Sara Rasumssen

Spinal Juxtaposition
by Faith Bernstein

Living with Diabetes
by Molly Johanson

Personal Libraries of the Professors
by Alyssa Fairbanks and Kelsey Kennedy

by Catie Bergman

Romance in a Trivial World
by Rollo

Table of ContentsSocial Media’s Future is Our Future, Too
by Blair Hanley Frank

The Demise of the English Language
by Sam Chapman

I never thought this could happen at Whitman.
by Rachel Alexander

The Happy Body
photography by Allie Felt, interviews by Patricia Vanderbilt

Gender Breakdown
data compiled by Karah Kemmerly and Cara Patten

The Missionary: A History, a Drama
by Matt Tesmond

House Hunting
by Mallory Martin

The Written Word
by Halley McCormick

Review: Maple Counter
by Alyssa Fairbanks

A Student’s Guide to College Cooking
by Ellie Newell

Book Review: “Half the Sky”
by Karin Tompkins

Movie Review: “The Descendants”
by Nathan Fisher

Music Review: “The Lion’s Roar”
by Caitlin Hardee

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 2