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Circuit Issue 11

Circuit 11 coverLetter From the Editor
by Shelly Le

The Book Reborn
by Ben Caldwell

Opportunities Abound
by Pam London

Journey to the Final Four
by Marah Alindogan

Senior Art Profiles
by James Kennedy

Whitman Fosters Beauty
by Allison Bolgiano

Circuit 11 contents

Senior Athletic Profiles
by Marah Alindogan

Senior Fellowship Profiles
by Helen Angell

Life Outside the Bubble
by Jane Carmody

Senior Thesis Profiles
by Emily Lin-Jones

Roberta Davidson Steps Down
by Hannah Bartman

Future Plans
by Andy Monserud

One Year Out: Reflections
by Sarah Cornett

The Whitman Legacy
by Natalie Berg

Calling the Bubble “Home”
by Jillian Davis

Perspective on an Art Thesis
by Alecia Lindsay

Cartoon: What I’m Going to Miss Most
by MaryAnne Bowen

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 11