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Circuit Issue 10

Circuit 10 coverLetter From the Editor
by Shelly Le

The Student Body
by Marra Clay

Walla Walla Box Recipes
by Karah Kemmerly

Why Are You Green
by Anna Zheng

Challenging Power on Campus
by Lachlan Johnson

Inked: Expression Through Tattoos
by Sarah Cornett & Alyssa Goard

Circuit 10 Table of Contents

Local Music and Wine
by Hannah Bartman, Adam Heymann, & Tanner Bowersox

“The End of Night” Review
by Emma Dahl

Whitman and Goodwill
by Andy Monserud

Women in Academia
by Helen Angell & Josephine Adamski

Humor Through the Archives
by Molly Johanson

Upcoming Movies
by Nathan Fisher

Cartoon: Bugs and Humans
by Eddy Vazquez

Cartoon: Gluten
by MaryAnne Bowen

Cartoon: Thought Pillow
by Lya Hernandez

Cartoon: Animals
by Sophie Cooper-Ellis

Cartoon: Liberal Arts Man
by Asa Mease

Quiz: What Type of Green Fits You?
by Elena Aragon

Whitman Crossword
by Natalie Berg

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 10