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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Guest column: Women’s victories do not erase systemic debate sexism

May 7, 2015
There has been a consistent theme of tossing around women’s wins as a sign that there’s no discrimination and that sexism is solved.

Learned helplessness keeps women out of tech

Katy Wills April 30, 2015
While this is frustrating to me because I don’t like seeing stark gender disparities in any arena, what’s most disappointing is the response I get nearly every time I talk to a woman about my job. Not only is the woman surprised and confused, but she immediately tells me that she could never work for technology services.

Guest column: Debate suspension stifles critical thinking about discrimination

April 23, 2015
I do not know what the specific allegations against the team are, but I find the administration’s assertion of a blanket sexist culture against every experience I have had in debate.

Address discrepancies among workloads, grading standards in different first-year Encounters classes

Christopher Hankin April 16, 2015
There should not be such significant disparity in the difficulties of various classes. Professors should compare both curricula and grading rubrics in order to make the system fair for all students involved.

Assertive females must face social stigma

Hillary Smith March 12, 2015
When men assert themselves in their professional environments, they are labeled just that: assertive with a positive connotation. But when women act in the same way, there’s a good chance they’ll get this "aggressive" label thrown at them.

Hook-up survey reveals troubling incongruities

Peggy Li March 5, 2015
Of the participants, 75 percent wanted to hook up with the same person consistently if at all possible, so with the people that just want a one-night thing, it's almost unavoidable that someone will get their feelings hurt.

Greek influence not being used for meaningful action

Katy Wills February 26, 2015
Greek groups don’t often get outwardly criticised by their members because they focus on solving their problems within the system, inside the closed chapter room doors. While I respect that approach for some situations, the lackadaisical culture of Greek groups at Whitman is something that should be addressed to a more comprehensive audience.

On Diversity, Inclusion and Equity at Whitman

February 19, 2015
President George Bridges writes to the editors in light of the recent Pasco shootings about violence, racism, and the second annual Power and Privilege Symposium

Advertising, sports have power to reclaim ‘like a girl’

Hillary Smith February 12, 2015
I have become desensitized to “like a girl” existing as an insult. But this phrase, in evoking the stereotype of females as physically weak, can be incredibly harmful to girls with waning self-confidence, which Always’s study proved tends to begin at puberty.

Op-ed: Rees-Mikula: Whitman can no longer ignore legacy of genocide

February 5, 2015
So are we honoring the native community or are we honoring their obliteration? By expressing pride in Whitman through these monuments and symbols, we celebrate acts of genocide.

Whitman’s sexual assault investigation process failed me

December 11, 2014

Earlier this year The Pioneer published a story about survivors of sexual assault on campus who reported their assaults to the administration. The following is a first-hand account from one of the survivors...

Letter to the Editor: Hillel-Shalom clarifies misunderstanding around Convocation speech controversy

The Editors November 13, 2014

Dear Whitman Community, We are writing because we believe there has been a misunderstanding with regard to the faculty address at convocation this year. Our concern about Professor Elyse Semerdjian's...

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