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Bon Appetit makes change to Starbucks

September 21, 2006

by Lizzie Norgard Napkins have appeared on the suggestion board in Prentiss dining hall expressing students' reactions to Starbucks coffee, which Bon Appetit now serves instead of the Pura Vida brand it has served since 2002. Bon Appetit made the transition over the summer, and as Whitman students h...

Whitman Investment Company conducts meetings, elections

September 21, 2006

by Marcus Koontz A club that manages two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars! That's the role of the Whitman Investment Company. The company, whose motto is "To Inquire. To Achieve. To Learn," and whose purpose is, according to CEO Nate King, "to educate its members about the strategies for and be...

Fall rush yields good results for greek system

September 21, 2006

by Caitlin Tortorici It's rushing season again, and the greeks have kept these last weeks action-packed. Rush officials are happy to report that they have done their part to keep the process efficient and the interest high. Sorority officials have looked to old custom to optimize this year's proc...

Kiss registration confusion goodbye

September 14, 2006

by Marcus Koontz Registering to vote may seem like an easy task, but throw in hundreds of students from all over the country and things get more confusing. One of the most baffling aspects for college students registering to vote is the question of "which address to use and if they should register w...

First-year elections kick off

September 14, 2006

Allison Armstrong I think the class of 2010 is an amazing class and I would be honored to represent us in senate.   As a first-year, I am still learning all that this school has to offer, just as my classmates are.   I want to be able to help them with first year struggles and be able to voice an...

Accident Injures Whittie

September 14, 2006

by Sarah McCarthy During the first week of classes, 2005 graduate Bridget Kustin came back to Whitman to talk give a talk about her experience as a Fulbright scholar in Bangladesh. Her talk, entitled "Engaging Islamic Bangladesh: Development, Islam, and U.S. Diplomacy," was scheduled for Thursday, A...

Athletic center opens doors for students

September 14, 2006

by Caitlin Tortorici Whitman has a new obsession: It's not that cute freshman in your calculus class; it certainly isn't facebook. It's the Baker Ferguson Fitness Center. Since the new facility's opening on Thursday, Aug. 31, fitness veterans and rookies alike have rushed to experience athleticism...

Skies darken as fire rages

September 14, 2006

by Christina Russell Lightning struck in the southeastern region of Washington last month, provoking a forest fire that has enveloped over 100,000 square feet of land and continues to threaten. The fire started on Aug. 21 and is located in the eastern and southeastern regions of Dayton and Waitsburg. ...

Student Spirituality Increases as Religion Struggles for Recognition

Whitman Professor of Religion Rogers Miles poses a theological question  to the Interfaith panel.

Liz Forsyth

December 31, 1969

"Religious" is rarely the first word that comes to mind when most students describe Whitman. "We offer information for students who express interest, but I wouldn't say that religion on campus is one of our selling points," said Admission Officer Alana Kaholokula. Although students may be active in their faith, some find it hard to keep up religious practi...

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