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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Netflix It: ‘North by Northwest’

christopherbryson February 10, 2012

If there's one genre of movies I absolutely love, it's suspense flicks, or the movies where you are so engrossed that you're sitting on the edge of your seat eating popcorn like someone who hasn't eaten...

Netflix It: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

christopherbryson February 3, 2012

Hello to all readers and allow me to introduce myself: I am Christopher Bryson, a junior and a self-proclaimed cinephile. In keeping with the latter, one of the things I enjoy the most is introducing and...

Netflix It: ‘The French Chef’ with Julia Child

Margaux Cameron November 23, 2009
With Child's recent, albeit characterized and posthumous, fame, it's easy to overlook her impressive cooking feats.

Netflix it: ‘Edukate yourself’

caitlinhardee November 9, 2009
"The Edukators" shows the personal wars of three contemporary German leftists and would be a good way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Netflix it: ‘Fallen’ struggles with predictability

C.J. Wisler November 2, 2009
"Fallen" fits its genre, but that genre promises a predictable plot and two-dimensional characters.
Credit: Alden

NetFlix It: “Hard Candy”

caitlinhardee October 29, 2009
If you saw "Juno," you'll remember lead actress Ellen Page as hilarious, quirky and immensely lovable and sympathetic, so it's a bit shocking to see her twist those qualities in "Hard Candy." Her character Hayley remains entertaining, intelligent and compelling, but also cruel and lethal.
Credit: Wolff

NetFlix It: “The Elephant Man”

C.J. Wisler October 15, 2009
“My life is full because I know I am loved." As the final line of a movie, this could be pretty bad. Anyone could easily brush it off as a vapid romantic statement passed melodramatically from a hunky gentleman to a beautiful woman. But when "The Elephant Man" confidently and happily says it in the midst of dying, it is far from overly sentimental or vapid.

Netflix it: City Lights

merrettkrahn October 8, 2009

"City Lights" is an old-fashioned, black-and-white romantic comedy written by, directed by, scored by and starring Charlie Chaplin. It is also required viewing for first-years as part of this year's radically...

Netflix It: ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’

Connor Guy October 1, 2009

"Kiss of the Spider Woman"  is the art house equivalent to many of those big, action/adventure blockbuster series like "Star Wars"  and "Indiana Jones"  that now practically define the 1980s. Director...

Netflix it: ‘Labyrinth’

caitlinhardee September 20, 2009

Whitman Snapshot Number Eleven. You lie sprawled with fifteen of your best friends across the couches of your first-year dorm. People alternately sniffle and sing along, as Simba and Nala romp through...

Netflix it: “The Fall”

contributor September 17, 2009

There's a certain type of movie that leans so much on the visuals as to make the viewer wonder if they're actually watching a movie or if they've stumbled into some sort of moving art gallery. These films...

Netflix it: the color of friendship

Katie Presley April 30, 2008

Remember the days when the Disney channel would come out with an original movie every month? They would be called, cleverly, Disney Channel Original Movies? Most of them were pretty dumb. Fun to watch,...

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