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The River Wolf

The River Wolf

Jessica Parker

October 28, 2014

When most people think of otters, the image that comes to mind is something small, cute, playful and cuddly. But in the Amazon the local otters are known by another name: river wolf. They get this fierce name from their voracious eating habits. They are adept hunters and eat many different types of ...

Second Senate Summary

Photo by Seethoff

Abby Seethoff

October 20, 2014

At its second meeting of the 2014-2015 school year on October 19th, the ASWC Senate ratified Racquetball Club, approved three finance requests, and passed a potentially pivotal piece of legislation. First-years Ethan Gladhill and Zach Collins played racquetball at the national level in high school...

Rhino Poaching – No End in Sight

Rhino Poaching - No End in Sight

Jessica Parker

October 19, 2014

Rhinos have been killed, their horns taken for aesthetic and pseudo-medicinal properties for thousands of years. Many different groups of people throughout history used rhino horn for different things. The Greeks thought that it purified water and the Persians thought that it could detect poisoned liquids....

A 4-Day Adventure: From Writing This Blog to Not Writing This Blog

Ari Appel

October 17, 2014

After a relaxing 4-day break, Tuesday evening was finally upon me. I wrote this: "When I got out of class on Friday afternoon, I envisioned myself spending the majority of 4-day break at my desk, intently working on blog posts. I sat down and went straight to work. By that evening, I had come up with...

Is an animal a person?

Jessica Parker

October 14, 2014

Do nonhumans have certain rights that we aren't currently granting them? This is one of the questions addressed in a case regarding chimpanzee personhood that is currently going though the New York Supreme Court. The Nonhuman Rights Project is pursuing lawsuits on behalf of several chimpanzees in...

Monkeys: They’re Just Like Us!

Jessica Parker

October 13, 2014

Hello again humans! Today we have a hefty dose of anthropomorphism, and fortunately not much pessimism. Animals, specifically primates, have been observed participating in what was thought to be exclusively human practices for many years. These observations date back to Jane Goodall's research on...

More is More than Less, but No More

Ari Appel

October 11, 2014

I find that people will often evoke adages when they have no specific evidence, so appeals to a common ethos. If the listener genuinely agrees with the cultural value being referenced, there is nothing delusive about this strategy. However, adages can seem to escape the need for evaluation simply because...

Equality through Knowledge

Ari Appel

October 8, 2014

"Over a long period of time, the main force in favor of greater equality has been the diffusion of knowledge and skills." ––Thomas Piketty in Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the most thorough economic study of the history of inequality ever conducted. I am deeply interested in language, but I don't have a ...

Where Did All the Frogs Go?

Where Did All the Frogs Go?

Jessica Parker

October 5, 2014

Hello again, animal enthusiasts! Today we have some exciting news along to go along with the usual dose of pessimism. A new species of poison dart frog was discovered in Donoso, Panama!   This frog has a unique call, but was originally thought to be a different variety of another poison dart f...

Five Bucks

Ari Appel

September 29, 2014

Ari Appel's blog "What's In a Name?" comments on linguistic trends at Whitman College and in public culture at large. A group of middle-schoolers are crowded around a table for school lunch. Jimmy coats his chocolate chip cookie in ketchup and mustard, dribbles on some soy sauce, and then mashes t...

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Jessica Parker

September 23, 2014

Salutations readers! I'm Jessica, a Boston native and a nature nerd. I constantly encounter environmental issues that I want to inform people about. As you probably noted from the description, this blog will contain a variety of critical discussions, mostly focused upon zoological issues (because animals...

PC spell-check

Ari Appel

September 13, 2014

Ari Appel's blog "What's In a Name?" examines linguistic trends at Whitman College and in public culture at large. "Sorry," my friend said. We had been walking across Ankeny, catching up post-summer, when he said that someone was "black." "African-American," he corrected himself. "I have to ...

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