Dress up with Suite Success

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter

As Whitman students get ready to face “the real world” and seek future job opportunities, organizations on campus are striving to provide resources that give everyone an equal opportunity at being prepared. The Career and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) has introduced a new program called Suite Success.

First-year Meztli Mariscal works at the CCEC and provided information about this new program. 

“[Suite Success] prepares you clothes-wise for any interview or any type of work that you need to do that you might not have any funds or resources to get by your own means,” Mariscal said. “There’s anything from shirts and pants, shoes, hats and rain jackets; [there is] anything that you’d need for either an interview – so formal [attire] – or maybe working in the field and needing a hat or heavy coat. It can be for interviews that are very specific.” 

If you are in need of a rocking outfit to win the hearts of employers, you can go to the CCEC and ask to borrow professional clothing. These clothes help you give off a good first impression. Hiring managers aren’t looking for just the skills on your resume. They’re also looking for the correct mindset: the one that doesn’t cave under pressure and that’s resilient in the face of adversity. Feeling extra prepared by having the right outfit to exude confidence can be vitally important in an interview setting. 

First-year Chase Schubert has found that how one presents themself is important in interviews.

“I think [the outfit] is very much important. It’s not just the outfit, though,” said Schubert. “It’s your body language, how you communicate and how you hold yourself in a lot of ways. I think an outfit is very integral to that, and you need to dress for success.” 

Associate Director of Sorority & Fraternity Life and Student Leadership Stace Sievert wholeheartedly believes that the clothing you wear to an interview can make or break your chances. She aided the program creator, Lindsay Szramek, Career Development Specialist at the CECC, in stocking the closet full of appropriate, professional clothing. 

“Abso-bibbidy-bobbidy-lutely, the right outfit matters,” Sievert said. “My basic thing, typically, is very neutral colors – browns, whites, blacks and greys – with a splash of some color. My recommendation with that splash is that you make it color-coordinated with the color of the place you’re interviewing at.”

As such, it may be helpful when you get clothing with colors associated with the job. During interviews, this can establish a good connection between you and the employer by showing enthusiasm and making you stand out. 

As long as you clean the clothing before you return it, the outfit can be borrowed for up to a year. The clothing can also be taken far away, as long as you let the leader of Suite Success know. This is especially important for students in summer-long internships who need hats and boots to trudge through fields looking for insects for their biology internships.

A sustainable program that takes clothing and gives back to the community for free, Suite Success is helpful for anyone that needs that boost to shine and feel prepared for the professional world.