Settled in Central Europe

Sarah Cornett

After almost a month in Prague, I finally feel like I have a good handle on the city. Our first day of classes was yesterday- before that we had two weeks of an intensive Czech language course and a week of orientation. Czech is very overwhelming to say the least, but now I can at least order food and conduct basic conversation in a store, which has proven very useful.

Having heard about all that is going on at Whitman through friends and The Pioneer, I am missing Walla Walla a fair amount. But things are so fast-paced here that it is hard to have time to get too sentimental!

I went to Bratislava, Slovakia on Saturday, which was a very interesting day trip. It reminded me of a smaller and sleepier Prague.

Here are some photos of various activities and sights in Prague and Bratislava.

City view from Charles University

Having discussed this in Art 229, it was very exciting to come across it!
Having discussed this in Art 229, I was very excited to come across it!

The John Lennon Wall St. Barbara's Cathedral Prague's famous red roofs Kozel, a popular dark beer Bratislava Bratislava and the Danube Just one of Prague's street art filled walls