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KWCW New Music

KWCW 90.5FM writers Gabriel Jacobson, Paul Milloy, Lucy Skugstad, Cory Cogley, Harrison Durant, Calvin Lincoln, and Gardner Dee post about new music every week!

Holy Mackerel!

Walker Orr

Vegan Beats

Sarah Cornett

The latest in veganism, techno, and new media.

Between the Speakers
Quin Nelson
Thoughts on the trends, characters, and standout releases of today’s music world.

Katrina Allick
A resource for all of the come-ups in the music world, including but not limited to: music videos, artists, songs, loops, and DJing methods.

Book Review
Dana Thompson
“This blog is meant to be an easy and (hopefully) interesting way to hear about the literature that’s out there––whether it’s just been published or has had a couple lifetimes to steep on the shelves.”

Game Theory
Matt Raymond
‘Game Theory’ will respond to songs or trends important to the genres of hip-hop with highly thorough literary analyses, approaching the music through a critical lens not typically seen in mainstream music journalism. The multifarious and incredibly diverse world of hip-hop is a burgeoning, potent and powerful literary movement within itself and deserves to be treated as such.

Walla Walla
Rose Woodbury
How to get the most from your small-town home.

Sports Blogs

Rock Climbing
Charlotte Hill
Stories and information on rock climbing – indoors and out – in Seattle and Walla Walla.

Snyder’s Sideline Report
Dylan Snyder
I share my opinions of the happenings of the sporting world, whether it be a rule change, an up and coming star or a falling hero.

The Northwest Sports Optimist
Riley Foreman
As The NW Sports Optimist, I promise to tackle sports apathy harder than an NFL linebacker. This day and age, organized athletics are far more than mere games. Stay informed and learn how Hollywood, technology, and the economy are batting a thousand when working with the ever-growing world of sports.

The Sports Guise
Tristan Gavin
A look into the world of sports as Tristan Gavin sees it. The California native brings his perspective on local and national sports to the barren wasteland that is Whitman sports culture.

Opinion Blogs

Tech Talk
Blair Hanley Frank
Insight into the latest in computers, technology, and gaming

Staff Blogs

The Editors Blog
The Pioneer has a lot of uses, but in one sense, we are a record and a reflection of Whitman College. The Editors’ Blog is a record of The Pioneer itself in its efforts to capture Whitman.

The Production Night Live-Blog
It’s just like being there! But with fewer cookies…


ASWC Unpacked
Abigail Seethoff
A (bi-)weekly slice of the ASWC life

Off-Campus Study

Excitement, Expansion, and Enlightenment in East Asia

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