KWCW Show of the Week: Anthems and Airwaves


Photo by Keifer Nace.

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer


Photo by Keifer Nace.
Photo by Keifer Nace.

Junior Kira Deshler is no stranger to the radio station. Her show “Anthems and Airwaves” has been broadcasting on KWCW ever since her first semester at Whitman. Despite this, she’s had no issues keeping the show fun and interesting both for her audience and herself.

“I really like the way it forces me to look at new music,” says Deshler, who says the show helps her discover tunes that she would otherwise have possibly never encountered. “It kind of broadens my horizons of what’s out there,” she added.

“Anthems” is all about the music, but as to what kind of music, Deshler has no set standards apart from whether or not she enjoys it herself. Some of her favorite genres include alternative rock, electro-pop, acoustic songs, and folk music. However, except for a dislike for metal and country, Deshler’s setlists can often encompass a wide range of genres.

“I usually have a different theme each week,” says Deshler, whether that be a musical theme or a “theme that’s not necessarily sonically cohesive.” One of her recent shows, for example, had a theme of 1970’s rock, and in the past she has chosen themes such as punk or acoustic.

In addition to the music, “Anthems” also provides a wide variety of trivia facts for listeners. “I think learning about how songs were written [or] the inspiration for songs or albums is really interesting,” says Deshler. In total, Deshler estimates that this portion of the show takes up about twenty minutes, which is spread across the show’s two-hour runtime.

Citing an example of some of the trivia she’s discussed, she says “[Fleetwood Mac’s] album ‘Rumours,’ [was] recorded while they were all breaking up with each other.” She goes on to say that “the reason ‘Rumours’ is so good is because they were all having a horrible time romantically, but somehow they made it into an amazing album, despite all their internal conflict.”

Over the years, “Anthems” has gained a following among Deshler’s friends and the community, though her grandmother remains one of the show’s biggest fans. Asked on who she recommends the show to, Deshler says “anyone who likes music, basically, a wide range of people would definitely enjoy it cause I have a wide range of music.” She went on to say that “it’s pretty accessible to anyone.”

As a side note, Deshler also highly recommends that other students become part of KWCW. “Everyone should either listen to or get involved in Kdub, because it’s an awesome part of the campus culture, and it’s a great way to get your creative side out.”

“Anthems and Airwaves” airs each Monday from 6-8 PM.