KWCW Show of the Week: Let the Maggots Feast

One of KWCW’s strangest-titled programs airs choice funk beats every Thursday night.


Photo by Hampson.

Eric Anderson, A&E Writer

Photo by Hampson.
Jenna Stanley (left) and Linnea Weld (right) at the KWCW studio. Photo by Hampson.

There are many stories Linnaea Weld and Jenna Stanley use to explain the rather unique title of their show. One of these revolves around the two hosts’ apparent lifelong dream of running a fly adoption factory, while another suggests it stems from a very strange conversation they held about blowing up whale carcasses. Regardless, “Let the Maggots Feast” is a very interesting title for a very interesting show.

Originally titled “English 101”, the show was conceived by Weld and Stanley as a means of giving themselves an activity to do together after having roomed together during their first year at Whitman. According to Weld, she and her co-host are simply “two pals who like music,” and the pair takes a fairly casual approach, making their setlists for each show in the studio and frequently accepting requests from the outside. Sadly, the pair has seen a drop-off in call-ins as a result of the loss of the KWCW stream, but, despite this, they never feel worried about running low on material.

“We bring what we like and share with each other,” said Weld. The duo prefers “funk and funk-influence[d]” music, as well as songs with “jazz influence” and “strong rhythms.”

Explaining the format of the show, Stanley says “[We] start with slower songs, mellower songs… then we get more lively.”

An important part of each show is the “Fun Facts and Historical Facts” section. This segment helps keep “Let the Maggots Feast a learning experience for the duo. Recently, they discovered that Jimmy Carter was, in fact, still alive.

The pair, who has done interviews on-air in the past, expressed interest in continuing this element of their show. “We haven’t done a live interview yet [this year]… [but] we’re searching for a guest,” said Stanley, who hopes those interested will request to appear on “Maggots.”

Ultimately, “Let the Maggots Feast is perfect for “anyone that likes to boogie… anyone that likes the funk, [and] anyone that likes to turnip the beat, to use a vegetable pun,” according to Weld.

“Let the Maggots Feast” airs on 90.5 FM from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. each Thursday.

Photo by Hampson.
Photo by Hampson.