Whittie’s ‘Best of the Best’ Eateries

Every year, the Walla Walla Union Bulletin announces the “Best of the Best” local restaurants. However, this year The Pioneer put together its own “Best of the Best” awards based on Whitman Student favorites.


Emma Cooper, A&E Writer

Every year, the Walla Walla Union Bulletin announces the “Best of the Best” restaurants in Walla Walla. This week, The Pioneer put together its own “Best of the Best” awards based on Whitman student favorites. While some of Walla Walla’s finest have received their awards for their friendly ambiance or the quality of their food, a handful of the restaurants are receiving awards because they serve some of the best fried food around. From sandwiches to sushi, teriyaki to tacos, Whitman students’ favorites are represented here in the Fall 2015 edition of The Pioneer’s “Best of the Best.”



-for the best Sexy Time Sandwich-

5 S Colville St.

This gourmet sandwich shop is known for its quality sandwiches and salads. Graze was nominated for its “Sexy Time” sandwich featuring caramelized onions, brie, provolone, chili pepper flakes, chicken and bacon. Need you ask for more?

“I love it because it has chicken and bacon AND brie with pepper flakes. Pairing it with the house salad and some water is the best way to relax and eat well.” –Jessica Palacios, Senior



-for the best peanut butter ice cream-

11 E Main St.

Bright’s candy shop is a common locale for Whitman students looking for candy, ice cream or just a sweet environment for studying. Despite specializing in chocolates and candies, Bright’s ice cream should not be overlooked. Bright’s has been nominated for their creamy peanut butter ice cream.

“Because they have the BEST ice cream.” –Erin Coffey, Junior



-for the best Golden Whitman Roll-

220 E Main St.

Shiki Hibachi Sushi, which opened last spring, has not only received stellar reviews from Yelp!, but also from Whitman students as well. Known for their spectacular Japanese style sushi, Shiki Hibachi Sushi has been nominated for their “Golden Whitman Roll” which has cream cheese, crabmeat, and cucumber wrapped together and deep-fried.

“It’s fried.” –Kristina Roy, Sophomore



-for the best California Burrito-

1633 E Isaacs Ave.

The Taqueria Mi Pueblito is a well-loved Whitman favorite for its Mexican cuisine. “Taq,” as it is affectionately known, has been nominated for its French fry filled California burrito, satiating even the most particular of palates.

“It’s got French fries in it.” –Sam Jacobson, Junior



-for the best BBQ pizza-

5 S 1st Ave.

Bringing a taste of East Coast pizza to Walla Walla, Sweet Basil’s Pizza is a favorite not only for its delicious varieties of pizza, but also for its Whitman student discount. Sweet Basil has daily specialties as well as an everyday menu featuring the classics of cheese, pepperoni and Margherita. Sweet Basil has been nominated for their everyday slice of “BBQ” pizza.

“I love it because they give a student discount and the food is so great.” –Miranda Taylor, First-Year




– for the best Chicken Teriyaki –

205 Wildwood St.

Tiki Teriyaki serves not only quality teriyaki, but also juicy hamburgers. Tiki Teriyaki has been nominated for the “Teriyaki Chicken” made with boneless chicken and house made teriyaki sauce.

“The restaurant feels very personable and ‘small-town-esque’ with a really friendly staff.” –Mathias Palmer, Junior



-for the best Migas-

57 E Main St.

Bacon & Eggs is known for their incredibly popular breakfast and brunch food. A local instutition that supports local farms across the nation and brews Portland-based Stumptown coffee, the business recently moved to a bigger location a few blocks down Main Street. The local favorite has been nominated for their “Migas” which has eggs, onions, chiles, fresh pico de gallo, and hash browns.

“When I go into town I wanna pay for something I’m really gonna appreciate, especially things I can’t get in the dining hall.” –Whitney Wood, Senior