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Winter Olympics on Campus

Winter Olympics on Campus
March 1, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea, has been a year of firsts but also a year of surprises. This year marks the most equal gender representation in a Winter Olympic games thus far in history,...

Russian Problems Remain Despite Revolutionized Games in Sochi

February 27, 2014

With an emphatic ceremony celebrating the past and the future, the XXII Olympic Winter Games came to a close. The flame was put out––by giant stuffed animals crying fake tears, no less––and now...

White’s Failure to Medal Leads to Changing of the Guard in the Halfpipe Event

February 27, 2014

It came without much fanfare. There was a small blurb about it on SportsCenter one morning, but this Winter Olympics, we were privy to the end of a dynasty. When Shaun White failed to medal at the Sochi...

IOC Made Disappointing Choice for 2014 Olympics

January 30, 2014

Every two years, the Olympics stir controversy wherever they land.  For all the diplomatic unity the games espouse, they inevitably serve as a platform for political maneuvering.  Athletes can use this...

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