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Budget Turmoil Risks Cutting Aid Partnership in Guatemala

Budget Turmoil Risks Cutting Aid Partnership in Guatemala

Lachlan Johnson

October 31, 2013

Every summer Whitman Direct Action (WDA) travels to Guatemala to research economic development and humanitarian aid, but this tradition may soon come to an end. Ambivalence from members of the ASWC Finance Committee left WDA questioning whether they can count on any support and wondering how to f...

College Lifts Ban on Unaccompanied International Travel

Kayvon at the ASWC Senate meeting on March 31.  Photos by cade beck.

Sarah Cornett

April 1, 2013

After a three-year ban, students next year will be able to travel internationally with the support of the college. The unaccompanied international travel ban for Whitman students and clubs will be lifted for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The ban, implemented in 2010, prevented college-financed travel for individual students and organization...

Development Work Must Focus on Community Needs

Anna Murveit and Sean McNulty examine a map showing contamination of household wells in Willywood.  Contributed by the WDA team.

August 23, 2012

This article was co-written by Sean McNulty '14 and Daniel Swain '13. Descending to Guatemala's Pacific coast feels like stepping slowly into a sauna. As the air heats up and becomes heavy with moisture, the land flattens and the crops grow tall until the only perspective available is directly down the road you travel. Our bus, spewing diesel exha...

Students question timing of club budget request forms

Illustration: Julie Peterson

Karah Kemmerly

April 26, 2012

For the first time this year the ASWC budget request forms required club leaders to itemize lists of their expenses for each event they put on. Senior Finance Chair Fritz Siegert worked on restructuring the club budget request form to address several areas of the previous form, which he found...

GlobeMed Thailand trip raises international unaccompanied student travel questions

Rachel Alexander

April 19, 2012

This summer, three Whitman students will travel to Thailand to work on a women's health project. As members of GlobeMed, they have partnered with a group called the Burmese Women's Union, which strives to empower Burmese refugees living in Thailand. For club members, the trip will be an exciting opportunity...

WDA’s funding reminds Whitman students of available resources

April 5, 2012

This column was authored by junior Anna Murveit with sophomore Sean McNulty contributing. Last Sunday, the ASWC senate approved a nearly $8,000 funding request for Whitman Direct Action's annual two-month summer trip to a rural village, Willywood, Guatemala. It wasn't an easy sell––these funds a...

Curt Bowen ’08 speaks about Semilla Nueva, non-profit work

Dylan Tull

December 8, 2011

Whitman alumni Curt Bowen '08 and Joseph Bornstein '08 work with farmers in rural communities in Guatemala, one of the most malnourished countries in Central America, and in three short years built from the ground up a successful non-profit organization called Semilla Nueva. Bowen and Bornstein, executive di...

Luz Rivera captivates, inspires during lecture about social change in Mexico

Credit: Marin Axtell

Dylan Tull

November 17, 2011

Not since the Vietnam era have social grassroots movements been featured as prominently in the world media as right now, as evidenced by the coverage of Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring. Activist Luz Rivera spoke to the same goal of common people leading social change on Friday, Nov. 11, using...

Students consider ethics of international work with Peace Corps

Credit: Cade Beck

Sam Chapman

October 13, 2011

At Whitman's Graduate School Fair on Thursday, Oct. 6, one table stood apart from all the rest.   The experience it offered was significantly different from the rest of the room: the mother of all community service, 27 months with the Peace Corps. According to their mission statement, the Peac...

WDA summer trip to Guatemala builds trust, gathers info

Contributed by: Monica Simmons

Rose Woodbury

September 15, 2011

The term "sustainable development" is associated with words such as volunteerism, service and internationalism.   This summer, five Whitman students worked to understand the difference between these abstract words and their real-life application. Whitman Direct Action (WDA) sent sophomores S...

More students to present at Undergraduate Conference

Credit: Carrie Sloane

Joe Volpert

April 7, 2011

At Whitman College's annual Undergraduate Conference this year, 218 Whitman students will be presenting their scholarship to the community. The presentation topics range from the impact of climate change on side-blotched lizard reproduction to the social and psychological implications of Kanye West's ...

Ecostove project aims to improve health, environment in Guatemalan village

Alyssa Goard

February 17, 2011

Most college students don't contemplate the role of a stove outside of its ability to bake or broil a decent meal.  But the members of Whitman Direct Action (WDA) will spend the next few months learning and appreciating its value as part of a project to bring eco-friendly stoves to a Guatemalan community. "There's...

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