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In the Mood for American

Ari Appel
November 2, 2014
Filed under BLOGS, What's In A Name?

What is American cuisine? Hamburgers, apple pie and barbecue are distinctly American. But many other foods that Americans eat, we do not call American. Pizza, for example, is Italian, despite being widely eaten in the US, and prepared differently than it is in Italy. When it comes to food in general,...

Britney Spears, Transnationalism, and the Great Country of Morocco

Leah Siegel
August 24, 2012
Filed under I Didn't Bother to Pick My Category

Britney Spears once penned, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman."  She then proceeded to put these words into song, and then had this song featured in her 2002 sort-of-smash hit Crossroads (also starring a pre-Avatar Zoe Saldana).  Well said, Ms. Spears, well said. The beauty of Britney's lyrics ...

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