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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Women in CS: Alumna Cathryn Posey talks tech

Eleanor Matson, Staff Reporter September 29, 2016

Alumna Cathryn Posey ‘05 returned to campus this past week to give the Andjelkovic Lecture on her journey working in the technological industry as a black woman. During her talk, she focused on her thoughts...

Tech Work More Sensible with a Few Simple Rules

Blair Hanley Frank April 25, 2013
Since I'm going to be leaving campus and taking them with me, I figured I'd share my rules for understanding and contextualizing the technology industry.

Race in Tech is Still an Issue

Blair Hanley Frank April 4, 2013
Although the tech industry prides itself on being an egalitarian meritocracy, it does not live up to these ideals of equality.

Security risks make web voting impossible

Blair Hanley Frank October 25, 2012
While paper ballots may seem like a clunky option in this modern age, in many ways, they provide levels of security that electronic voting just can't match.

Holiday Techie Tips

Elena Aragon December 8, 2011
It's that time of year when things start breaking in the middle of finals and your life seems like a disaster and you don't know what to do... but have no fear! The HOLIDAY TECHIE is here!

The early adopter tax and you

Blair Hanley Frank February 17, 2011

Way back in 2007, when the iPhone was still a brand-new, fairly untested product, Apple suddenly dropped the price of the original iPhone by 200 dollars. Consumers were outraged that the phone they had...

Credit: Canepa

Create durable data backup system

Blair Hanley Frank September 16, 2010
Losing your data is scary. A good backup system can help prevent a total catastrophe, and it's not hard to make one work for you.

Server crash at Penrose: Out with old, in with new

Lea Negrin November 3, 2009
Server crash cuts campus off from vital library tools; back up now. New system to come over Thanksgiving.

Windows 7’s claim to fame: better than Vista

Blair Hanley Frank November 3, 2009
Window's 7 doesn't have much going for it, but hey, at least it's better than Vista.
Credit: Sloane

Future of publishing materializes online

Blair Hanley Frank October 29, 2009
In 2005, author J.C. Hutchins was at an impasse. “I started looking for an agent in 2005, and that went nowhere," he said in an interview with me regarding “7th Son," his trilogy of novels. His original 1300-page manuscript was turned down by every agent he met. With the advent of the Web, authors like Hutchins have many options when it comes to getting their content out to potential readers. For Hutchins, his rejections changed his perspective on getting “7th Son" out to the masses.

Kickin’ it old school: how to get the most out of command line

Blair Hanley Frank October 15, 2009

Way back in the day, when computers were the size of rooms and Bruce Springsteen was still an up-and-coming rocker, the idea of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) was just a twinkle in the eyes of software...

Credit: Wolff

Whitman’s list serv, Shantou’s BBS: two ways of living revealed

Rensi Ke October 15, 2009
Having studied at Whitman for more than a month, I initiated a Chinese writing project entitled "Wei Meng Zhi"—Whitman Stories. "Wei Meng" means "Whitman," which also means "strong and robust'; "Zhi" refers to stories.
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