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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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ASWC seeks to increase student input on tenure

ASWC seeks to increase student input on tenure

Natalie Berg November 20, 2014
ASWC representatives are preparing a resolution based on research of the process for granting tenure at Whitman’s 12 comparison colleges, in response to students’ desire to become more involved in the college’s process of hiring and granting tenure to professors.

Communication mishap delays student trustee referendum

Lachlan Johnson October 16, 2014

Due to a failure in communication, the Student Trustee Resolution passed by the student body in a referendum last spring was never communicated to the Board of Trustees. Last May, students voted to...

New ASWC senators prepare for duties on annual retreat

Andy Monserud October 3, 2014

ASWC representatives prepared for the upcoming legislative session this weekend on the annual ASWC retreat at the Johnston Wilderness Campus. The goal of the retreat is to educate  newly-elected senators...

Elections fill 5 ASWC positions, leave 1 empty

Sam Jacobson September 25, 2014
ASWC Faculty Liaison Jack Percival, speaking before the election, was enthusiastic about the campaign. “I am excited to see how much interest there is among the freshman class about ASWC," said Percival. "I am excited to see who will be elected to represent their class, and I am sure that whoever is will do so to the best of their ability.”
ASWC Budget Passes with Ease

ASWC Budget Passes with Ease

Andy Monserud April 24, 2014
The Associated Students of Whitman College finalized its 2014-2015 budget with unusual ease on Sunday after just under 20 minutes on the floor with no senators voting against it.

Students Create Individually Planned Majors

Lane Barton April 17, 2014
Over the past five years, approximately 0.5 percent of graduating students completed a major not offered at Whitman College, instead opting to create their own Individually Planned Major (or IPM).
graphic by Julie Peterson

Tuition Increase Pressures Students’ Finances

Lachlan Johnson April 10, 2014
The cost of tuition at Whitman for the 2014-2015 academic year will be raised $1,290 to $44,440, a 2.9 percent increase from last year and the smallest percent increase in the last decade.

Student Fee Increase Forecasts More Money for Clubs

Lachlan Johnson February 13, 2014
The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) raised the student fee to $360 for the next academic year, an increase of $10 from last year. Senators hope the increase will allow more funding for the Whitman Events Board (WEB), clubs, campus media organizations and other aspects of student life funded by ASWC.
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