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Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds

Illustration by Lanh Tran

Nidhi Jaltare, Columnist

November 7, 2019

The only way America survived the war against the Islamic State was with the help of Syrian-Kurds, who lost their lives alongside American soldiers trying to protect the world from ISIS. And now, they’ve been abandoned. They have nowhere to go, no one to help them and they are stuck in carnage. This...

Cold War Continues with Russian Action

illustration by Luke Hampton

Andy Monserud

March 6, 2014

The last few weeks have treated Russia very poorly. Following one of the most tense Olympics in recent memory, two of Russia's allies, Ukraine and Venezuela, erupted in violent protest in opposition of Russia-friendly regimes. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych left Ukraine to seek refuge in Russia a...

Issue 3: Voices of the Community

Issue 3: Voices of the Community

Jade Blake-Whitney

September 24, 2013

Should the United States use air strikes against the Syrian Government?  Videographer Jade Blake-Whitney polls the community on what they think about the US government using air strikes against the Syrian government....

U.S. Needs New Policy in Syria

Andy Monserud

September 19, 2013

It seems, miraculously, that the Syria situation has calmed down –– from the American perspective, at least. Bashar al-Assad, the East Mediterranean nation's dictator, recently agreed to a plan, proposed by Russia, to hand over his nation's chemical weapon stockpiles to the United Nations for destruction....

Whitman Progressives Spark Political Dialogue

Lorah Steichen

September 19, 2013

On Sunday, Sept. 8, Whitman students and members of the Walla Walla community gathered at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Main Street to protest proposed American military action in Syria. Among students represented were members of one of Whitman's newest student clubs: The Campus Progressives. Senior Politics and Philoso...

Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon

Julie Peterson

September 27, 2012

Numbers in the news

Shelly Le

April 12, 2012

105,285,196 Number of combined YouTube and Vimeo views on the Kony 2012 video as of Wednesday, April 11, 2012. The video was posted on Monday, March 5, 2012. 4.5 Average number of months it has taken popular YouTube videos to surpass 50 million views in the past. 5,975,618 Number of Kony...

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