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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Weapons of mass destruction: North Korea’s ultimate fear tactic

Parsa Keshavarz Alamdari, Columnist April 21, 2022

Bordering China, South Korea and Russia, North Korea has been described as desolate, isolated and rogue. Since the Singapore and Hanoi summits between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and former U.S....

The Iran nuclear deal: Is it truly the only option?

Scout Hutchinson, Opinion Editor December 9, 2021

Author's note: This article is by no means a comprehensive look at the Iran nuclear deal, which has returned to the conversation after the U.S. pulled out during Donald Trump's presidency. Instead, it...

U.S. sanctions do not promote human rights, they violate them

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist April 15, 2021

For many, United States sanctions are falsely considered to be forms of nonviolent diplomacy used in the name of protecting human rights. They are posited and instituted as purely economic solutions...

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Safety comes first, but policies remain unclear for alcohol, marijuana

Lachlan Johnson September 18, 2014
Whitman maintains strict policies against marijuana out of concern that the federal government may cut off essential financial aid and other funding should the college be found in violation of the federal law. Despite the law and official policy, students frequently use both marijuana and alcohol at Whitman and nationwide. In response to this reality, the college quietly tries to promote safety-oriented approaches to enforcement. However, the aspects of Whitman’s policies which promote safety are often not openly endorsed by the college.
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