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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Senior Sal “SL Goldmine” Goldblatt plays DJ gigs on campus and in the community. Photo by Dana Kendrick

DJ SL Goldmine brings passion for music to Walla Walla

Sienna Axe, A&E Reporter February 27, 2020

Whitman senior Sal Goldblatt has been a DJ since the fifth grade when his parents bought him his first mixer. “It wasn't even turntable. It was just, like, a soundboard with two little iPod things—you...

Whitman Junior Trung Vu served in the Marines prior to attending Whitman.

Are Whitties Open to Discussing the Military?

Lena Friedman, Feature Writer April 11, 2019

What’s it like to have ties to the military in a relatively small, liberal arts college environment? A few students at Whitman share in this very experience, and can attest to how it affects their interactions...

Illustration by Sylvie Corwin

The Dirt on Dating

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor April 4, 2019

Writing an article on Whitman’s Dating scene for the Wire I thought I knew what I would hear. As a second semester junior, I have seen a lot of discontent in some of my peers, myself included, in the...

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