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Photo by Tywen Kelly

Tour Guides Give Prospective Students First Glimpse of Campus

North Bennett April 14, 2016
The presence of tour guides ramps up this month as they show off campus to potential members of the Class of 2020.

Numbers in the news

Shelly Le April 26, 2012

64 Average percentage of first-year Caucasian students who applied to Whitman from 2007-2011. 73.1 Average percentage of total first-year Caucasian students who were admitted to Whitman from 2007-2011. 10.7 Percentage...

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Biology major changes increase flexibility

Rachel Alexander February 16, 2012

Starting next fall, biology majors at Whitman will have a more flexible set of requirements to meet in order to receive their degrees. The changes have been made in response to rising enrollment rates...

Credit: Markel Uriu

Varsity teams make efforts to attract prospective students

Tyler Hurlburt April 14, 2011

It's April. That means hundreds of high school seniors are contemplating whether or not Whitman is the right place to spend their next four years. Because most decisions are due May 1, a very high...

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