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The Best Tracks on “Lemonade”

Martina Pansze, A&E Editor

April 28, 2016

Last weekend, Beyoncé released her sixth album “Lemonade” on HBO. Here are some of the tracks that stuck out.

Pay attention to effects of pop culture

Pay attention to effects of pop culture

Zan McPherson

March 12, 2015

Illustration by Lya Hernandez. All have witnessed, experienced or at least heard of the "Frozen" craze that swept through American youth in 2013. Like many Disney movies, "Frozen" leapt into children's hearts and didn't seem to leave for, well, an absurdly long time. The movie's effect on child...

Animal Collective’s ‘Centipede Hz’ takes their sound in new direction

Clara Bartlett

September 20, 2012

Animal Collective has always been there for me. When I reached the pinnacle of college application stress during my senior year, I could take 48 seconds of solace in their strange experimental song "College." In a hybrid of spooky and sincerely friendly voices, the members of Animal Collective reminded...

Radio waves carry signal of hope for incarcerated listeners

Radio waves carry signal of hope for incarcerated listeners


May 9, 2012

Ensconced behind the soundboard in the cozy KWCW studio, it's easy for a college DJ to imagine that nobody is actually listening. Few Whitties own radio sets, and while friends and family might be persuaded to tune into the webstream on occasion, the studio phones rarely light up. For good reason––KWCW's largest listener constituency doesn't ...

‘Talk That Talk’ rarely ‘walks the walk’

Alex Hagen

February 23, 2012

Rihanna, the pop world's most prolific star, has released six full-length albums over the past seven years. Her most recent one, Talk That Talk, is an uneven, but cohesive collection of songs that center on love and sex: two topics that have been present throughout her discography. Talk That Talk's ...

KWCW Show of the Week

KWCW Show of the Week

The Editors

November 17, 2011

'Chappy Hour' Dance meets pop and some dubstep on top. DJ Chap and esteemed guest hosts will lift you out of that midweek funk and shake your junk with the latest in those electro sounds you crave. Putting the hump back in your Wednesday since '08! Wednesdays, 10 p.m. - Midnight. On the dial at...

Conrad Murray’s conviction another distraction from Michael Jackson’s music


November 17, 2011

On Nov. 7, Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson's doctor before Jackson's death, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter against Jackson. Coupled with the verdict was a recent documentary on Murray and his relationship with Jackson called "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: The Fatal Friendship." Though...

Escape stress with Andy Grammer

Escape stress with Andy Grammer

Mallory Martin

November 10, 2011

This past week I've had two presentations, three major essays, a performance and a midterm exam due. Suffice to say, it has not been fun. As I often do, I turned to my sister to pull me out of my stress-filled funk. She pointed me to this album. Andy Grammer's self titled debut album is your typical feel-good pop record. Grammer s...

DJ White Shadow talks sacrifice, self-destruction, working with Lady Gaga

DJ White Shadow talks sacrifice, self-destruction, working with Lady Gaga


September 15, 2011

Bass pulsed through the arid earth. On Saturday, Sept. 10, IDentity Festival turned The Gorge Amphitheatre into a giant subwoofer, the scenic sweep of cliffs vibrating with sonic power. A sea of tie-dye shirts, glistening skin splattered in neon paint, and girls in fishnets and furry backpacks engu...

The New Pornographers to perform, supported by Dirty Mittens

Kate Robinette

April 25, 2011

Whitman ups its indie cred as ASWC invites Vancouver-based indie rock band The New Pornographers to campus on Thursday, May 5. The New Pornographers, a talented conglomeration of Canadian musicians, according to Keith Phipps of The Onion, "writes big, catchy pop songs : and the occasional heartbreaking...

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