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Aqua Jogging Promises Good Times

North Bennett

March 10, 2016

Starting after spring break, Aqua Jogging Club, Whitman’s newest ASWC-funded activity, will provide a fun, inclusive, and social environment for student exercise.

Pool Bond Passes on Fourth Attempt

Lachlan Johnson

February 12, 2015

Voters in the City of Walla Walla voted Tuesday, Feb. 10 to pass a 5.83 million dollar bond measure to rebuild the Walla Walla public pool. Preliminary results from Tuesday evening show 4,323 votes in favor of the bond (63.6% percent) and 2,470 against (36.4% percent). Bond measures in Washington State tha...

Walla Walla Community Moves to Restore Public Pool

Walla Walla Community Moves to Restore Public Pool

Lorah Steichen

October 23, 2013

Despite the fact that temperatures in Walla Walla are known to spike above 100 degrees Fahrenheit each summer, the community has no access to a public pool facility, which could provide escape from the sweltering heat.  With the exception of Jefferson Park Pool, a shallow pool open only to those 10...

Thriving Whitman pool culture offers splashy opportunities

Kyle Howe

April 19, 2012

Whitman's sparkling blue Baker-Ferguson pool is an incredibly versatile body of water that provides students, staff and community members with a variety of opportunities to get involved in water-based activities on campus. The walls of the pool are lined with whitewater kayaks and gear. The kayaks...

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