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Memorabilia: An Exploration of Objects

Memorabilia: An Exploration of Objects

Callie Brown and Samarah Uribe Mendez

May 15, 2018

We asked four students to bring us objects that they deem significant–things that they have accumulated over their time at Whitman and from their lives before. Taken out of the context of their rooms and their lives, we explore memory and identity through the chosen items. But what were the qualifier...

Happy Body: A photo essay

Patricia Vanderbilt

March 13, 2012


Write On Me: A photo essay

Marie von Hafften

December 13, 2011

The week before Thanksgiving Break I posted 13 photographs around campus with the prompt: "Respond to what you see! Write on me." Based on response levels, I eventually consolidated the photos into Penrose Library. As an anthropology major and photographer, image interpretation is fascinating to me. It wa...

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