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Phi Delta Theta, Sexual Violence Prevention reps look to the future

Photo Tywen Kelly

Ellen Ivens-Duran

May 5, 2016

In the weeks since Phi Delta Theta's social functions were suspended, confusion and misinformation has pervaded campus, concurrent with rising frustration about sexual violence,

Phi House Plans for Solar Panels

Phi House Plans for Solar Panels

Sam Grainger-Shuba

October 10, 2013

Even from abroad in Ecuador, junior Joe Heegaard has a plan for Whitman College's Phi Delta Theta fraternity chapter. As former sustainability chair of Phi, he is spearheading a project to put solar panels on the roof of the fraternity's house. This project is designed to save energy and money for both the fraternit...

Student Groups Prepare for Choral Contest

Student Groups Prepare for Choral Contest

Serena Runyan

April 25, 2013

The annual Choral Contest will take place this Friday, April 26, but the preparation for this event has stretched back months. The contest consists of separate contests among Greek groups, a capella groups and independently-organized unaffiliated students. For different groups, the contest means ...

The Greeks in Walla Walla

The Greeks in Walla Walla

Quin Nelson

March 21, 2013

The bustling Whitman College campus is bookended by two essential social hubs: to the south, Prentiss Hall, home of Whitman's four women's fraternities, and to the north, Whitman's four fraternity houses. These Greek chapters have peripheral locations but are of central importance to life at Whitm...

Student Entrepreneurs Blend Art and Business to Create New Apparel Line

Jesus Chaparro '13.  Photos by Devika Doowa.

Mallory Martin

February 14, 2013

He's an art and economics double major and the executive secretary for Phi Delta Theta, but somehow he still found time to start his own business. Sophomore Jesus Chaparro reminds us just how creative and driven Whitties can be with his new Whitman-based business: Cryptid Apparel. Officially started last October, Cryptid was inspired by a love of art...

Theft occurs in fraternities over Thanksgiving break

Credit: Faith Bernstein

Shelly Le

December 1, 2011

Over Thanksgiving break all four fraternities on campus were hit with a string of burglaries. According to Interfraternity Council Community Relations officer and junior Alejandro Fuentes, the burglaries occurred on two separate occasions. The first burglary occurred between 11:30 p.m. on Thursd...

Sports, Greek life: A complementary relationship?

Illustration: Julie Peterson

Matt Tesmond

October 20, 2011

Greek life and varsity sports share many core goals: building a sense of family, working together to accomplish goals and, above all, having fun. So it is not surprising to find at Whitman a thriving culture of Greek athletes. Athletes'  participation in Greek life, however, spans the spectrum from a positive relationship ...

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