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Don’t zoom through your mental health

Illustration by Anika Vucicevic.

Genevieve Vogel, Feature Reporter

October 1, 2020

Students are constantly facing mental health challenges, but now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they must also attempt to continue their education online. Previously published in “Viva la remote revolución: students and faculty wrestle with online learning," students and professors are well aware of the differences between in-person and online lear...

The Art of Listening: Peer Listeners offer chance to learn what it means to listen

Kamna Shastri

November 20, 2014

"Can you envision a society where people don't listen? What would happen?" -Michelle Janning, Professor of Sociology From sun-up till lights out on campus, students are talking and exchanging ideas in class, one voice followed by another. In the moments between classes we compare hours of lost ...

Peer Listeners conduct survey to assess needed changes

Credit: Mitchell

Libby Watkins

March 5, 2009

Many Whitman students delete the plethora of emails inundating their inboxes, thinking they do not pertain to them; some emails, however, can contribute to a student's life more than they realize. Whitman's Peer Listeners group has been administering a confidential survey about student health at ...

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