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Rugby girls tear it up

Elena Aragon

October 18, 2012

Rugby is one of the most unique sports on campus. Whitties have undoubtedly heard stories, know players or walked by practices of the Motherruckers, Whitman's women's rugby team. Rugby is a multifaceted sport; it is composed of a deeply bonded team and the sport itself has an intruiging culture behind it. "It's such a motley crew of girls, but we all just balanced each other out and drove eac...

Sweets, Motherruckers represent alternative athletic culture

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Pamela London

November 3, 2011

Some of the most successful teams around campus share a similar trait: They do not call themselves the Whitman Missionaries. Women's rugby: a club team: calls itself the Motherruckers and has been known as such since the team began. The "ruckers" in "Motherruckers" refers to a rugby play in whic...

Profile: Motherrucker Cameron Michels

Credit: Charlie Li

Sylvie Luiten

October 6, 2011

Profile: Cameron Michels Class: Senior Major: Sociology Hometown: Kirkland, Wash. Sitting on the couches at Reid, wearing a Motherruckers sweatshirt and shorts, Michels has a temporary cast on her foot. When did you start playing rugby? I started at Whitman as a Jan-start and have bee...

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