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Four More for Obama, Historic Ballot Measures Passed

Emily Lin-Jones

November 8, 2012

Cheers (and groans) resounded across campus Tuesday night as general election results poured in from across the nation, confirming Barack Obama's reelection as president of the United States. President Obama won the electoral college handily, clinching crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania,...

Proportional Distribution Needed to Fix Electoral College

Sam Chapman

November 8, 2012

If you claim you haven't had the following conversation in the past month, you're lying: You're with your friends, and the subject turns to politics. Somebody is almost certainly from California, Montana or some other solidly red or blue state. They'll mention who they plan to vote for, then write off...

Open primaries encourage manipulation of democratic process

Illustration: Ariel Carter-Rodriguez

Kyle Seasly

March 5, 2012

About a week ago, my dad sent me an article encouraging Democrats in Michigan (my home state) to vote for Rick Santorum in the Republican primary. Since Michigan has an "open primary," anyone can vote in the primary, even those not registered as Republicans. My father, a lifelong Democrat, joked that ...

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