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Eliminating private insurance is election-losing politics

Sean Gannon, Columnist

October 3, 2019

At the heart of the 2020 Democratic Primary is the question of private health insurance: should we eliminate private insurance in favor of a mandatory Medicare-for-All system run by the federal government? Or might a public option be a more practical avenue towards universal healthcare coverage, giving Ame...

Susanne Beechey on Health Care

Kate Grumbles

March 30, 2017

On March 24, 2017, House Republicans withdrew the American Health Care Act before it was put up for a vote. On Tuesday, March 28 Wire reporter Kate Grumbles spoke with Associate Professor of Politics Susanne Beechey about the bill’s implications. What did you see as the main reasons for why the repeal of the...

An alternative health care option: single-payer

Bryant Fong

September 27, 2009

The health care system as we know it is out of control. I wrote about the problem this past spring.   I called for action on Obama's part during his crucial first 100 days in office. I suggested that the federal government would have to raise taxes if it were to start a public option to compete ...

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