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Men’s Basketball Falls Short in Second Battle of the Whits

Sarah Anderegg

February 19, 2014

In the second battle of the Whits in men's basketball this season, both Whitman and Whitworth had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the 40 minutes of play.  However, it was the 13th-ranked Whitworth who prevailed, coming out on top of the Missionaries 79-76 on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Despite...

Athletes Gain Crucial Benefits from Sleep

Athletes Gain Crucial Benefits from Sleep

Marah Alindogan

December 12, 2013

Between classes, extracurricular activities and much-needed study breaks, sleep can be a luxury rarely offered to college students. However, sleep can take on a whole new meaning as a collegiate athlete. The individual sleeping habits of college varsity athletes can be fruitful or detrimental to their performance on and ...

Varsity athletes share pre-game rituals

Peter Clark

February 16, 2012

Some of the most famous athletes in the world also have strange and superstitious pre-game rituals.  The best basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, wore his North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls shorts every game of his professional career because he believed it brought him luck. Jordan...

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