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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Edyn Parsell

Reimagining Human Rights: How Children are Fighting for Climate Action

Anna Wellborn, Science and Environment Writer February 8, 2024

In recent years, multiple cases of legal action against governments for violating human rights have arisen in response to climate change. Human rights — and in United States courts, constitutional...

Cornell Law School Dean of Students, Markeisha Miner, presents on the contributions of underrepresented and marginalized lawyers. Photo by Thomas Lemoine

“I will not, I must not, I cannot, forget their stories”: Markeisha Miner speaks on underrepresented lawyers

Jessica Lilly, News Reporter March 5, 2020

Dean of Students at Cornell Law School, Markeisha Miner, visited Whitman campus on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The result of a collaboration between the Intercultural Center programming for Black History Month,...

Revenge Porn Lawyer Comes to Whitman Campus

Andrew Schwartz, News Editor April 13, 2017

Carrie Goldberg runs a legal practice in Brooklyn that specializes in sexual abuse and privacy, or going after “assholes,” as she recently put it at a lunch with Whitman students interested in law....

Esteemed Federal Judges Demonstrate Possibility of Success in Legal Field

Esteemed Federal Judges Demonstrate Possibility of Success in Legal Field

Lorah Steichen October 9, 2013
Three renowned federal judges, James Robart, '69, Richard Jones, and Ricardo Martinez visited campus Oct. 4, to discuss the legal field with students interested in a future in law. They discussed their own careers and the personal obstacles they faced along the path to the prestigious positions they now hold.
Illustration by Eduardo Vazquez

Negative contacts skew police, student views

Hannah Bartman May 2, 2013

Whitman students and Walla Walla police officers aren't often at odds with each other, but when the police do get called in, students are not usually in their best form. While the majority of students...

A hawk soars over Walla Walla.

Birds Receive Protection, Face Mammalian Threats

Hannah Bartman February 7, 2013
Walla Walla’s populated mix of progressive college students, farmers and small town families is also home to a group of unacknowledged individuals: birds.
Holiday Movie Season Promises Passion, Blood and Adventure

Holiday Movie Season Promises Passion, Blood and Adventure

Nathan Fisher November 26, 2012

The holidays are fast approaching––oh yeah, finals too––so here's a quick peek at some movies we can look forward to seeing now through winter break. Actually, two big blockbusters have already...

Freedom of speech extends to video games

Blair Hanley Frank November 18, 2010

Saying that video games are controversial is a rather serious understatement. State governments all over our country have tried to ban the sale of "violent" games to minors for quite some time. For the...

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