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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Vast majority of Whitman trustees studied social sciences in undergrad

Andrew Schwartz, News Editor May 4, 2017

Attention is turned to the Board of Trustees this week as the group convenes for its annual Spring overseers meeting. We looked into the educational backgrounds of the board and found that it is dramatically...

Search Begins for New Assistant Vice President of Communications

Karah Kemmerly March 21, 2013
The Whitman Office of Communications will start the year with a new web content specialist and a new assistant vice president of communications.
Parents gifts crucial to growth

Parents’ gifts crucial to growth

Hannah Aguirre-Clayshulte October 18, 2012
Parents might not be immediately present while students are at college; however, parents are still more involved in the lives of students than sending care packages and paying tuition. Parents supply the momentum to keep the college striving for new heights.

Homing in on Walla Walla

Talia Rudee October 11, 2012
Today, Walla Walla has more to offer to recent graduates than during Bogley’s time directly after graduation. Students are now realizing that staying in Walla Walla is worth more than just a job.
Endowment fosters diverse initiatives

Endowment fosters diverse initiatives

Molly Emmett April 19, 2012
The cost of a Whitman education is high. That fact is indisputable. However, without Whitman's approximately $400 million endowment, tuition would cost about 30 percent more.

Board of Trustees approves faculty pay raise

Emily Lin-Jones February 2, 2012
Trustees approved a two percent salary increase for college faculty and staff this year. The increase was recommended to the Board by President Bridges at a board meeting in November, and went into effect Sunday, Jan. 1.
Credit: Cade Beck

‘Now is the Time’ campaign to begin new era of fundraising

Allison Work December 1, 2011
On Friday, Nov. 18, Whitman announced the start of its “Now is the Time" campaign at a dinner for Trustees, alumni and friends of the college in Seattle, WA, kicking off the public phase of a new fundraising endeavor for the college.
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