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Senate Republicans decline to raise minimum wage, offer iTunes gift cards instead

Sam Huston, soundcloud rapper March 18, 2021

With the federal minimum wage’s growth flatter than Nebraska and CEO salaries rising like the Himalayas, the time seemed ripe for a minimum wage increase. Senate Republicans, or at least a portion of...

The Decline and Fall of the Independent Podcast

Tino Mori, Columnist December 3, 2015

Last fall, the podcast "Serial" hooked millions of listeners on a tale of true crime. Hosted by Sarah Koenig and, more specifically, "This American Life," "Serial" is a high production value podcast. Even...

Spotify Versus iTunes

Spotify Versus iTunes

Adam Heymann September 16, 2013

The evolution of digital music has come a long way. In the early millennium, names like Kazaa, Limewire and Napster dominated the arena. But they soon lost momentum as government and entertainment...

Lil Wayne floods market with mediocre mix tapes

joeykern November 27, 2009

What's the name of that one song, again? I think to myself while stumbling through the world of legally downloaded music. All I know is that it's a Lil Wayne song and that it has a sick beat, but these...

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