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Visiting Educator Concannon Discusses Human Rights Advocacy

Visiting Educator Concannon Discusses Human Rights Advocacy

Sara Platnick

February 4, 2016

Human rights lawyer Brian Concannon visited campus for a course and sessions on human rights advocacy.

Brian Concannon Reveals American Injustices

Katy Wills, Columnist

February 4, 2016

Brian Concannon is not what I expected him to be. I envisioned the most prominent U.S. lawyer for human rights in Haiti to be big and loud and oozing with self importance. I expected someone who schmoozes–or at least has an obvious ego. That’s not Brian. Brian Concannon is quiet, hard to crack, rarely...

Samuel Moyn Lecture Defines Human Rights

Sarah Cornett

April 25, 2013

Students, faculty and community members packed Olin Hall 130 to hear historian Samuel Moyn describe what he believed to be the origin of human rights. Moyn, a professor of history at Columbia University, provided historical context for the progression of our definition of rights, which is a definition...

Recent violence prompts question of which lives matter

November 29, 2012

This column was contributed by Lesly, '13 Who may be killed without repercussion, without significant outcry from the international community? What sort of lives––or nonlives, rather––are disposable? Despite the establishment of a universal code of human rights after the horrors of World War II and th...

KWCW Show of the Week

The Editors

March 1, 2012

Graphic by Alden. "Manifiesta" Tune into your favorite revolutionaries, Bailey Arango and Kaity Curry, bringing you a different historical manifesto and accompanying thematic playlist each week. Expect witty commentary, sombreros, anarchy, Dadaism, human rights, cigars and cool jams. Mondays, ...

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