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Long-Distance Cyclists of Whitman

Long-Distance Cyclists of Whitman

Isabel Mills

October 10, 2013

Most people are aware of Whitman's impressive cycling team. Lesser known are the handful of students, unaffiliated with the team, who have completed some pretty remarkable rides. In the past two years, three Whitman students started the school year off with a bang by riding their bikes from the...

Farming an Endowment: Whitman Landholdings Support Wind Turbines, Education

Photo by Halley McCormick.

Allison Work

November 26, 2012

The drive east along Highway 12 from the Tri-Cities back towards Walla Walla and the Whitman campus rarely fails to amaze me. At the left turn by Wallula Gap, I stare west at the vast expanse of land carved out by the ancient Missoula floods, captured by the exposed magnificence of the land in all its contours and forms and patterns. I've stopped many times on drives from Wallula Gap ...

Two students injured in car accident on Highway 12

Patricia Vanderbilt

November 3, 2011

Two Whitman students were in a car accident on Monday, Oct. 31. The collision occurred at the  Highway 12 and Heritage Road intersection near College Place.  According to the police report, the student driving the car failed to yield to a pickup truck. The Tri-City Herald tells us that the driver was treated at St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla and her p...

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