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CJ Fritz, Professional Kissing Booth Attendee

October 8, 2018

For weeks, the Birkenstalker has terrorized the Walla Walla community, leaving Birkenstock owners clutching their sandals tighter than ever. Dogs have stopped playing, children have stopped laughing, and the sun has stopped shining. Since mid-August, the Birkenstalker has preyed on unsuspecting B...

Lady Sweets poised for Nationals Tournament

Kyle Flannery

May 7, 2015

Ranked number five in a preseason power ranking, the women's Frisbee team has had their eyes set on the Division-One regionals all year, hoping to prove their worth as potential national championship contenders. While Whitman's hosting of regionals on a sunny weekend here in Walla Walla seemed to be...

Lady Sweets prep for regional tournament

Riley Foreman

April 30, 2015

For many on the Whitman Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, the regional tournament is familiar territory. This year, that's not all that will be familiar. A total of eight teams representing the Big Sky and Cascadia Conferences will play in Walla Walla this weekend, each competing for one of five bids to...

Sweets face obstacles in first tournament

Kendra Winchester

March 5, 2015

The men's Ultimate Frisbee team kicked off their spring season two weekends ago in San Diego, where they went 1-5. Although a learning experience, arriving with only a total of 15 players did not offer them as much depth as they would have liked. However, the necessity of younger, newer players stepping...

Frisbee: Don’t Sell Out

Frisbee: Don't Sell Out

Tristan Gavin

September 19, 2013

Don't get me wrong; I love Frisbee. I think it is a great game and one that should be enjoyed by the masses. The commercialization of the game and attempts to make the sport marketable through Major League Ultimate (MLU), for example, has pushed Ultimate toward something it is not: a big-market sport. Frisbee is not baseball, bas...

Spring Intramurals Underway

Spring Intramurals Underway

Cole Anderson

April 18, 2013

At a school as active and enthusiastic as Whitman, the intramural program is a popular facet of the outdoor community. While the varsity sports teams are all about competition and serious participation, intramural sports allow for those who are less competitive and more interested in the fun of a sport...

Onion Fest Brings Frisbee Culture to Walla Walla

Onion Fest Brings Frisbee Culture to Walla Walla

Cole Anderson

April 4, 2013

Last weekend, the men's and women's Sweets teams hosted the annual Onion Fest. For those of you who are unaware of exactly what O-Fest is, imagine a motley crew of Frisbee players dressed up in ridiculous outfits trying to eat onions whole, all while competing in Ultimate Frisbee. Though this event is extre...

Janin Steps Up for Sweets

Besides being a star player, Janin also serves as the team's coach.  Photos by Brennan Johnson.

Tristan Gavin

April 4, 2013

Skeptics of the 2013 Whitman Sweets will point to the void of leadership and star power after graduating a strong class last spring. That is where Jacob Janin comes in. Janin, a senior, is one of the team captains and brings extensive experience at high levels of club Ultimate. While the Eugene native has played for the Portland Rhino club team for years...

Veteran Cigarette Smoker Anchors the Sweets

Illustration by Emily Jones

Matt Raymond

April 4, 2013

This time of year, it's not uncommon to see Frisbees flying across Ankeny Field like carrier pigeons. Reasonably athletic Whitties dress up in backwards hats, synthetic jerseys, soccer cleats and something the kids are calling "friction gloves" to throw plastics across the lawn. In a recent study performed by Whitman's sociology department, it was disc...

Intramural Sports: The fun factor

Illustration: Emily Johnson


December 1, 2011

As most students sat sunken into library couch cushions or quiet room bean-bag chairs the Monday before Thanksgiving Break, Whitman's intramural dodgeball teams began the first day of their 2011 season in the Sherwood racquet-ball courts. Hearing the smack of rubber on concrete mingled with the shouts of players at war beyond...

Club frisbee opens season with strong showing

Whitman's women frisbee players, the Walla Walla Sweets, practice on Friday, Feb 18. Credit: Marie Von Hafften

Tyler Hurlburt

February 24, 2011

Go for a walk out past the Whitman softball fields any afternoon and you will see the ultimate team working hard toward another strong season. The Whitman Sweets started the season off strong with an impressive 4-0 finish at the Tacoma Invite on Saturday Feb. 12. At the invite, Whitman collectively...

Club frisbee soaring, scoring

Bailey Arango

October 21, 2010

Autumn is in the air, and the Sweets, Whitman's Ultimate Frisbee team, are off and running--a fact known by almost anyone who crosses Ankeny Field these days. "Every week we have three lifting sessions, three throwing practices, two coed practices and three hour practices on Saturdays before team brunch," said first-year player Ben Harris. Why all the prepar...

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