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Friendships are closer than they appear

Peggy Li, Opinion Editor
February 2, 2017
Filed under OPINION

I know that for many Asian Americans, they are caught in what feels like no-man’s land. Growing up, at first they may not understand that they are not the typical ‘American’ until someone rudely awakens them with questions that undermine their sense of belonging. And this issue of ‘belonging’...

Culture Shock: Remembering your roots as you plant them in new soil

Linnaea Weld
March 3, 2015
Filed under Exploring Ecuador

Something that's been on my mind a lot lately is how the process of cultural immersion affects relationships both in country and across borders. As we discussed in a class aptly entitled "Culture Shock," my fourteen classmates and I are little flowers. We have all, by choice, pulled up our roots in the...

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