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Red Reina offers delicious, wholesome meals

Mallory Martin

October 4, 2012

A new restaurant has opened up shop in downtown Walla Walla. The Red Reina Deli offers a simple assortment of meals created from regional and local sources, friendly waitstaff and some unique beverage options. Advertised as "honest, clean, delicious and wholesome food," the owners of the Red Reina Deli picked the perfect words to describe their offerings. Serving up a collection of...

Add zest to your pancake stack with scrumptious innovation

Add zest to your pancake stack with scrumptious innovation

Ellie Newell

April 12, 2012

I think sometimes the pancake is the unsung hero of breakfast. As ubiquitous as the greasy spoon, to non-dairy creamer and weak coffee, I think many people bypass the short stack of buttermilk flapjacks in lieu of her fancier cousins, french toast and Belgian waffles. "You can get pancakes any old p...

A student’s guide to college cooking

Ellie Newell

March 13, 2012

I'm a pretty simple cook. If you absolutely need a recipe for something to turn out well, chances are I'm not going to attempt it. That said, I successfully feed myself and my housemates and can whip up a soup improvised from the contents of the fridge like nobody's business. For me, one of the hardest...

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