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Off-campus jobs, ableism and the work-life balance

Mo Dow, Campus Life Reporter November 18, 2021

Although many low-income students are employed by the college in various departments through work study, jobs in the greater Walla Walla area often play an important role in supporting students. But as...

New Orientation Prepares Incoming FGWC Students

New Orientation Prepares Incoming FGWC Students

Andy Monserud September 10, 2015
Whitman held a special orientation for first-generation and working class (FGWC) students on the week of July 11-15. 32 first-year FGWC students were given a week on campus to take sample classes from Whitman professors and gain an understanding of the on-campus resources available to students.

First Generation and Working Class Club Organizes May Day Gesture

Daniel Kim May 4, 2013

Custodians and Bon Appétit employees may be the most unrecognized workers at Whitman College. Members of the First Generation and Working Class Club are aware of this, and they're working to change it. To...

Students, community members publicly confess privilege

Emily Lin-Jones September 15, 2012

Students and community members gathered on the steps of the Memorial Building on the night of Wednesday, Sept. 12 to publicly confess their privilege as part of an event sponsored by the Whitman Christian...

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Students unsure about new loan plan

Emily Lin-Jones November 17, 2011

President Obama's new plan to ease the burden of student loans may give some hope to eligible Whitman students and thousands of other indebted college students nationwide. The plan will go into effect...

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