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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Meats Contribution to Climate Change

Meat’s Contribution to Climate Change

Dani Hupper October 17, 2013
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the meat industry emits more greenhouse gases than the whole transportation sector combined. That’s right, all fossil fuels burned by cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats and planes emit fewer greenhouse gases than raising animals for food. 18 percent of our emissions are attributed to meat production, while only 13 percent are attributed to transportation. Emptying your wallet for a new hybrid may have less of an impact on the earth’s atmosphere than altering your diet.
Photo by Halley McCormick.

Farming an Endowment: Whitman Landholdings Support Wind Turbines, Education

Allison Work November 26, 2012
The drive east along Highway 12 from the Tri-Cities back towards Walla Walla and the Whitman campus rarely fails to amaze me. At the left turn by Wallula Gap, I stare west at the vast expanse of land carved out by the ancient Missoula floods, captured by the exposed magnificence of the land in all its contours and forms and patterns.

Growing your Favorite Burger

philipcheng April 28, 2012

Why do you like your favorite food? Most people would say they like their favorite food because they like its taste. But most people don't realize that they not only take comfort in familiar flavors but...


kathynguyen August 28, 2011

Let me tell you all the things I've done for the past three weeks: I have started classes. I turned in my first assignment (and had it returned with the professor saying I write well. I would like...

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